SummitCorps July 23-31, 2011

posted Jul 17, 2011, 7:43 PM by Michael Anderson   [ updated Aug 1, 2011, 11:35 AM ]

Contact Brian Bennett at 214-215-7133 to register.


Since ArrowCorps5 many Arrowmen and Scouters have been asking when and what will be the next national Order of the Arrow service project. Arrowmen who attended ArrowCorps5 could not wait to go back and provide cheerful service to the United States Forest Service and those who missed the opportunity wanted another chance to experience the Order of the Arrow at its finest.


The Order of the Arrow announced its second national service project: SummitCorps - The New River Experience. Based on the successes of ArrowCorps5 and the OA High Adventure programs, SummitCorps will combine cheerful service with adventure. The experience will take place over four weeks during July 2011. MIKANAKAWA LODGE will attending the last week July 23-31.  SummitCorps will be held at the New River Gorge National River in West Virginia benefiting the National Park Service which is adjacent to new home of the 2013 National Scout Jamboree.


The goals of the project are to improve the Garden Grand Hike and Bike Trail which will link The Summit: Bechtel Family Scout Reserve, home of the new national scout jamboree site, with the New River. This critical link will give Scouts and Scouters access to outdoor recreation adjacent to The Summit as well as various activities on the river. The removal of invasive species will be a key component of this service project.


Participants at SummitCorps will be actively involved in both of these projects and still have plenty of time for recreation. Brotherhood will be strengthened as Arrowmen work and play together. Arrowmen will not want to miss out on this experience.


Arrowmen participating in SummitCorps will be able to experience a deeper understanding of the Scout Oath and Law and the Obligation of the Order of the Arrow. Arrowmen will also learn about the importance of the service project and skills needed to develop and execute similar projects back in their home community. Over the course of a week, Arrowmen will meet, network, and leave with memories of the cheerful service that will last a lifetime.


SummitCorps will be staffed by youth and adult Arrowmen. The leadership for the month-long project will be provided by members of the National Order of the Arrow Committee using the Incident Command structure. The Order of the Arrow will hire approximately 40 Arrowmen to serve on the Instructor Corps who will lead and train SummitCorps participants working on the service projects.


Interested Arrrowmen should contact -- Brian Bennett at 214-215-7133 of by email to sign up today! To learn more about SummitCorps, visit today.