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posted Feb 27, 2011, 6:59 PM by Michael Anderson   [ updated Apr 10, 2011, 5:54 PM ]

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Mikanakawa Lodge is pleased to announce a special incentive for 2011.  All arrowmen who renew their membership in Mikanakawa Lodge and the Order of the Arrow before April 1, 2011 (postmark date) will receive one limited edition lodge flap which is shown below with their membership card.  You can pay your dues either by clicking here to pay by credit card online or by mail by down loading the membership form from the lodge's web site   Both methods are available by clicking on the registration link on the lodge's home page.   The dues are $15 and it supports Circle Ten Council's Order of the Arrow program and its Arrowmen.


This flap is must have if you collect Mikanakawa Lodge memorabilia and/or a lodge flap collector.  All flaps and pocket sets currently in inventory are available for purchase online at the Mikanakawa Trading Post.

2011 Membership Flap

2011 membership flap 




The new design is the work of Carlos Ochoa, who did a masterful job of incorporating both the art of Frank Knickerbocker and the totems of the Mikanakawa Lodge onto the flap. The design features two pen and ink drawings reflecting Frank's passion for the Order of the Arrow and the Lodge, and his life-long interest in the Native American movement. The new flap also incorporates the Mikanakawa Lodge's two totems, the owl and the thunderbird.


Frank Knickerbocker was a charter member of Mikanakawa Lodge, helping found the Lodge in 1937. He kept his Vigil in 1957, receiving "White Hawk" as his vigil name. Frank remained active in the Lodge until his death in the 1990's.


 Carlos Ochoa is the 2011 Vice Chief of Native American for the Mikanakawa Lodge. He served for two years as chapter chief of the Lippoe Chapter, before becoming Vice Chief.  Carlos is an Eagle Scout and has participated in a Philmont Trek, and both National Order of the Arrow Conference and the OA's National Leadership Seminar. He is a freshman at Waxahachie Global High School.


Please forward this email to each of your unit's Arrowmen to enable them to take advantage of the special promotion. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to respond to this email or contact your Chapter officers, Chapter Advisor or any Lodge officer.  Upon request, the 2010 dues renewal form will be emailed to you.


As a reminder,  All patches the lodge has in inventory can be ordered online at the Mikanakawa Lodge Trading Post  There is a link to the trading post on the home page of Lodge's web site


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