Ordeal information for Camporee!!

posted Apr 1, 2011, 6:49 AM by Michael Anderson   [ updated Apr 10, 2011, 5:53 PM ]

Dear Scoutmaster or Team Coach;

Thank you so much for your assistance is getting the OA elections done. We are excited at the possibilities that open up with a great election class and look forward to sharing these scouts with you.

We wanted to let you to know what to expect for the upcoming Camporee Ordeal so that you and your unit are prepared.

  •  On Friday, April 8, 2011 (at the start of the Lone Star District Camporee), we will hold a Call-Out ceremony to recognize those who were successfully elected as OA Candidates. We are planning on the Call Out ceremony to occur around 9:00 PM so we can be done before the SM/SPL Cracker Barrel. We think this will give all units plenty of time to get out to the Chambersville Tree farm. Please make sure the candidates have had dinner before coming out to camp.
  •  At registration, please have all of your OA candidates (even those who will not be called out since they do not know the results of the election) prepared to drop their supplies (a sleeping roll, ground cloth, work clothes & gloves and water bottle) at registration. They will also need to have readily available the $45.00 fee, but we will collect that after the call out. You may want to collect that ahead of time and have it ready for registration. Please do NOT prepay at the Scout Office, we will collect all money on-site. You will confirm the scouts to be called out and receive the name cards to hold over their heads during the Call Out ceremony.
  •   If you have candidates from 2010 election class who will be doing their ordeal, they will also need to have their gear and fee ready, but they will not be called out that night (they are already considered called out).
  •  The Ordeal will last from approximately 10:00 PM Friday night until after dinner Saturday. Their Saturday night dinner is included in the $45.
  •  Cost for this weekend is $45.00 for each candidate to cover the cost of the ordeal. You may want to quietly tell the parents that they will not need to pay for meals except for Sunday breakfast, if your unit is not covering the cost of this for the new OA members. Our hope is that all units will cover the cost of the single meal for their Scouts.
  •  All members eligible for Brotherhood will be able to register for the Brotherhood walk and ceremony Saturday morning. The fee is $15 (for the sash) if 2011 dues have been paid (we will have a current list). Members who are not current will need to be prepared to pay the $15.00 membership dues to be allowed to participate in Brotherhood activities.
  •  Brotherhood candidates will get the necessary paperwork Saturday morning when they register. Please allow them time to complete the full page they need to write (maybe at lunch?).
  •  All Brotherhood candidates will meet at the announced time to begin their Brotherhood walk. We anticipate this to be around 2:00. We are planning to have the Brotherhood ceremony right before the Ordeal ceremony, so that the new Brotherhood members can help welcome in our new Ordeal members.
  •   If you have any OA members who are interested in working as an Elangomat, please have them contact Todd Hodgkiss (Ordeal Master) at 2jtodd@sbcglobal.net. Staff will be charged $5.00 for food, and will need to be current on their 2011 dues in order to staff. If they have not yet paid their dues, please have them prepared to pay $15 when they register. Staff should arrive for check in at 6:00.

That’s it! We thank each and every one of you for helping the Chiefs pull off this event. They firmly believe this has so many positive opportunities for our new members and will help the chapter grow even stronger than before. We ask for your patience as the Chiefs will be in charge with advisers in the background. While we are working them hard to make sure everything is planned as well as possible, we know that there are situations that will come up to test patience and understanding. We appreciate your support of these Scouts.