Fall Fellowship

posted Jul 29, 2011, 1:23 PM by catnip720   [ updated Sep 28, 2011, 9:54 PM by Michael Anderson ]
Fall Fellowship is coming up soon!! Come on down to Trevor Rees-Jones Scout Camp on September the 9th through the 11th for fellowship and fun. If you have never been to a Fall Fellowship before, it is highly recommended that you go. There are tons of games, the food is great, and you get to meet new people. Most of all, you get to have fun! Seriously, It's a chill camp out that's sole purpose is to relax and have fun, get some rest and relax. No work is required. We will be organizing a carpool, so all you need to do is spend $20 dollars for a weekend of food and relaxation.

Here's a note from our sponsors at the lodge:

-" Come on out for a fun filled weekend with events for everyone! Want to see if you can shoot arrows like a Cherokee warrior? Want to rappel down a 48 foot wall? Or do you want to see how fast you can eat a pie, or shoot down a water slide? Or perhaps you want to try your hand at lassoing! Or perhaps you want to participate in the largest water gun fight Mikanakawa has ever seen! Come on down to Camp Trevor Rees-Jones for Fall Fellowship, where we will have all of this and much more! "

Also, here's a couple links:
-Registration: http://miki.org/event-registration.html
-Event Schedule: http://miki.org/attachments/article/157/FF-schedule.jpg