Conclave Upate

posted Apr 10, 2011, 5:56 PM by Michael Anderson   [ updated Apr 28, 2011, 6:29 PM ]


[For those of you signing up this week they are having problems with the section website.   Experienced members need to take their payment of $50 to conclave, new members need to have their $35 payment. Let Kara know if this affects you and she will take her list of names on who this affects and will get in touch with her contacts to let them know numbers.]

Section Conclave is ... [This week]!!   I am very excited to announce that as of today that we have 90 Mikanakawans registered to attend … just 11 short of our goal of 101 arrowmen attending!  It is still not too late to register.  Registration may be completed online at  Also, if you have already registered, PLEASE get your money in Circle Ten before you have to pay the full late fee of $50!!

In order to expedite on-site event registration, you were asked to forward me the names of all Arrowmen planning to participate in the Native American Dance or Drum Competitions and/or Ceremony Evaluations.  To date, I have received the following entries:

From Wild Horse:                  Metau- Jhai West

Kich (ordeal) - Terry Tucker

Kich (Pre Ordeal) – D’quaylon Davis 

From the Wicahpi Chapter:     Straight dancer - Jeff Hodgkiss

Pre-Ordeal Ceremony Team - Kevin Champ, Andrew Brogens, Hollis Meachum, and Jeff Hodgkiss.


Registration for events closes at 8pm on Friday night, and we would like handle entering all our Miki competitors to ease the rush of arriving in time on Friday.

Lists of competitors should be sent to me at AND Mr. Joe Hayes at

Please let me know if you have questions.

Grant Tucker, Vice Chief of Camping Promotions